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In the past years, I have been involved in some book projects but also had the pleasure of publishing my own together with Spiridon. Check out what Éditions Caurette have in their shop!


Portfolio and brushes

Visit my ArtStation portfolio and check out my newest works. Find brushes for sale, as well as upcoming tutorials and assignments that were created with the support of my patrons on Patreon.



I love developing the universes my characters inhabit, and sharing that process. Learn how to develop your own characters and universes, grow your skills, or just enjoy the ride!


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There is a limited amount of large prints available. The posters are murals created traditionally in ink and transferred to paper through digital printing.

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These prints are the perfect gift for someone special, or for making your wallpaper disappear beneath your favorite artwork.

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The main seller at every convention, for a good reason. Postcards are ideal to place around your desk but also as a gift to people who appreciate art.

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Create your own universe!

We are constantly exploring the world of TEGN while learning together about worldbuilding and character design. Join my Patreon and become part of the journey while adapting my methods to your own artwork and your own universe.

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